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About Coolmaster X

As of Q1, 2018, I make videos for 8 different segments for the Youtube channel "Coolmaster X" in descending order of perceived seriousness.

1) Justifying Bad Behavior(JBB)--A series of videos that discuss the common practice of justifying bad behaviors and Not Ideal Behaviors. Viewers can make suggestions to what behaviors they want me to discuss through the patreon page or twitter. Some patreons get access to special content that makes it into this series. Use the hashtag #JBB to send your message at the twitter channel @Coolmaster X

2) Business Stuff--A series of videos where we talk about business stuff, jam-packed with lots of examples. I take the audience through the process of starting, launching and maintaining a business in real time(to some extent).

3) Industry Innovations--A series of videos that discuss innovative ideas for our world. I share some inventions and work with the audience to possibly fine tune and craft something that we can submit--Ambitious but doable. Also includes segments where i reveal some business ideas or innovations which I feel I won't be able to accomplish or devote the necessary effort to see the idea become something substantial. Viewers can then use those ideas and work on them or share them with someone that can make them into something at their own risk. Viewers can use some of my abandoned projects if they are experiencing writers block, creativity block, need ideas for a paper, presentation or dissertation.

4) Underneath the Music(UTM)--discussions surrounding all aspects of music composition include some performances of my own.

5) Primary Functions and Eschatology(PF&E)--one of the easier segments. I talk about the primary functions of things and in some of the other videos, I discuss eschatology(the study of judgment)

6) Budget and Time Planners--Budget creation, explanations and other useful life skills relating to personal and business growth. This segment will include Business data sheets, P&L, People Data Sheets, Expansion plans, Break Even analysis as well as personal time management stats. If you love stats, you will love this.

7) Round of Favorites(ROF)--An award show that is sparse as the winners are typically the only ones with the honor of that kind. The focus is mostly on FAVORITES not BEST.

8) Rrumerrafurmur of Consequences(~~RROC)--a contest sampling the viewer should they choose to participate. This segment is an archive of videos that do not fall into all other categories. It is also the most immature, hyper-sexualized and least professional. It is here that I reveal the origin of my stage name.

Information on all these segments will be provided in a channel trailer below.
Twitter, twitch, youtube, facebook, patreon--you can search me with the same name "Coolmaster X"

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I will get a better microphone and a second tripod, so that I can make my singing/performance videos.
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