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Removal of the Watermark to make everything just a little bit cleaner.

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Same benefits as "Tourney Artist" plus you get to create your own Scorebar style. I will provide you with the Photoshop PSD file for you to use. In turn you make your own in that, save it as a PNG and send it to me via email with your information and i will update your bars as soon as I can and email you to confirm.




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Hey everyone, This is Miles (Shadysaiyan) of here to show you something that can improve your fighting games streams. If you've every wanted your FGC streams to look a little more "professional-like", then my new tool Scorebars, makes it easy-peezy for you to do so. The idea simply came from watching EVO streams few times and wanting to spice my own stream up since every now and then i'd stream my friend and myself playing Blazblue (my fav). Simple instant updating with the click of your mouse. Only thing required is a PC, as the use of a streaming program such as OBS or Xsplit for example are required. Everything can be up and running on your stream in a matter of seconds. If you like Scorebars, please spread the word.

Where the magic happens.

Features include:
- Instant updating
- Simple integration
- Plenty of different styles, more always to come

- Name/Team plates

- Winner/Loser brackets
- Clan/Sponsor Tags
- Country Flags
- Score Override
- Different font selections
- With more to come

Current wishlist of features to add:
- Instant Side Switch - One button to switch all Player 1 and Player 2 information
- [Check] Player Bracket - Something for you to really show everyone involved, probably the most times consuming i'd say. Likely in the form of it's own page to add to another scene in your OBS/XSplit (Likely be added to a new Backer Tier)
- Animated Bars - In some shape or form
- [Check] Round Tags - Winners Round 1, Grand Finals, etc
- [Check] Commentator Tags - Tags on the side corresponding to what player is only commentating
- Smaller additions like spacing adjustments

I will update this post as necessary when/if things are completed. You might be thinking, hey that's pretty cool, but how much does this all cost? it costs nothing! absolutely nothing! Backers however do get some caveats. Any and all feedback and addition suggestions are welcome. Also, special shout out to Hitoshyura for being my first supporter! :D

Note: May try and spice the look of this post up later. Feel free to email me with any questions at [email protected]

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