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is creating Digital Art, Streaming, and Youtube content
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About Corey Pratt

Hello everyone! 

I'm looking to really start focusing on content creation and in getting more and more people into the world of digital art. I would like to start out with a weekly Art Night stream on, the recordings of which will be uploaded to youtube after they've been edited for content and dubbed over with new audio (I play copyrighted music while I paint, which needs to be removed before it can be placed on a monetized system like youtube). These streams will focus on the creation of my art and on answering questions posed to me in chat, and the dubbed audio will feature tips and tricks on how to make your digital art better. I am by no means the first and foremost authority on it, of course, but all information helps, and with any luck a few of the lessons I've learned will help other folks as well. 

The ultimate goal of this Patreon page is simply to allow me to spend more time making content and to allow me to do things like purchasing a premium subscription on Picarto, which will also allow me to create shows and stream with other artists. I'm looking to create a more interactive online art space, one in which artists can work together and collaborate without the need to be part of a studio. Through this I hope to do things like learning and creating new kinds of art, provide backup and support to artists who have bigger projects in mind and need people for, and to provide classes and supplies to younger artists still getting started.
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