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I felt warm for a few seconds...

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I want to see it all.
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Peek your eyeballs behind the scenes and see what I'm working on! You'll gain access to things such as....

-Animation gifs!


-Anything else I think is worth sharing I guess, maybe it will be a crude doodle that only you'll get to see

Oh yeah you get the discord thing too, so you can show off. You flashy friend of mine

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About Corey Beepington

Hello! my name is Corey and since the moment I accidentally swallowed pencil lead when I was 3, I have been passionate about pursing my dream of telling weird stories and drawing pictures to entertain people like you!

However, existing is expensive and making something all by myself is tricky.
By supporting me on Patreon you can allow me to
  • Exist and buy mac and cheese for lunch forever!
  • Purchase new software to up the quality of my creations!
  • Hire additional people to help work on projects with me! You get to support two artists for the price of one!
  • The less I have to work at the super market, the more time I can spend making content for you!
My current project is an animated cartoon called Please Stay Tuned! Currently all funds are going to support the budget!

I hope you can consider passing me a dollar! It goes a long way and helps me get closer to achieving my dreams as a storyteller/content creator!

Visit my site!
Want to personally yell at me or party? 
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It's small but a start, thank you <3
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