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About YugyCorgi

 🌱 Where Else can I Find You? 🌱
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🌱 About the Artist 🌱
Hello! I am YugyCorgi, usually known as Yugen or Yugy! I am a young independent freelance illustrator who focuses on art in the furry community! I currently go to school full time, and have two jobs, one of which being my commissions. Soon with the help of you guys, I will be able to do my commissions FULL TIME and I couldn't be more grateful! 

🌱 What do You Offer Here? 🌱
The main thing that I offer in my Patreon is a look into HOW I make my art, along with exclusive first pick on commission slots, discounts, monthly automatic commission slot claims, exclusive YCH commission opportunities, unique discord roles, and first looks into WIPs

To get the full experience of my patreon (although it is not required) please consider joining my discord! By doing so you can receive more detailed information, you can receive your roles, you can give me requests, etc.
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Lets get to 30 patrons to help support me and my art to help boost my confidence and help me have a consistent income to make my art full time!
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