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Sneak a peek at the steps of creation! Come along with me on my painting journey and get behind the scenes exclusive views of my process before anyone else!
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Receive a digital desktop and phone background image of an original, new, CJ painting emailed to you monthly!

This reward also includes behind the scenes content :)  

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Receive a greeting card with an original, new, CJ painted image printed on it mailed to you monthly! The back of the card will also include an inspirational quote that pairs with the painting on the front. Envelope included!

This reward also includes behind the scenes content :) 

About Cori Jaye

I am on a mission to spread messages of love and light to the world through my artwork.

A little about my paintings:
"Welcome to the colourful world of Cori Jaye Elston. Creating vibrant surrealist pop-art paintings, Cori Jaye's goal with her artwork is to share love and light. Her work is produced to provoke imaginative thought, captivating the viewer by often featuring beloved animal friends in unique situations. It is also common for Cori Jaye to paint romantic scenes, expressing feelings of connection and respect. Using acrylic paint she orchestrates spirited works of art utilizing as much colour strength as possible, reflecting her passion to her audience. Cori Jaye translates her paintings into prints and cards making her artwork accessible to all, as her work is intended for all people." -

A little about my Patreon:
I've created a monthly card, print, and digital image subscription service to help me spread my message and financially continue to follow my dreams! Each month I will create a new painting that I will turn into a greeting card, a full size print, and a digital desktop and phone background for my subscribers. Under the Rewards panel, you can select if you would like a card, a print, or both mailed to you monthly. If you would rather be emailed a desktop and phone background image, there is also a reward for that too for my paper saving friends! On the 1st of every month you will be charged for your selection (funds are in U.S. dollars). Then I will get to work creating! By the end of the month (typically the third week) you will receive a package in the mail or an email in your inbox with your subscription selection. It's that easy!

I recently added 2 new tiers to my Patreon. The first is an Art Sponsorship tier, in which you or your business would receive a brand new original painting monthly, along with a social media shout out. The second is an Art Rental tier. This tier is limited to residents of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Check out the rewards panel to find out more!

In addition, with all my Rewards you will be able to follow along my creation journey by gaining access to my patron-only posts. Get a sneak peek of my content before I post it on my social media sites for the rest of the world to see.

Thank you for helping me along my journey :) <3

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When I reach my first goal of patrons, I will invest more in video - whether it be hiring a videographer or updating my camera equipment in order to film higher quality videos and content. :)
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