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About Cornflakes23

Welcome to the town of Corn! As you know, I make some pretty saucy videos, some may say they are too saucy, some say not saucy enough. But in a world like this, you get what you get. I made this little patreon here because I love doing what I do, but if gay jobs get in the way, I won't have enough time to animate some snazzy stuff for all you beans! The other reason is, I actually got my monetization rights revoked from youtube because I was clicking my own ads like a mental. My fault, but it is a sad time when I could've got 800$ for a video, but instead just got a thumbs up! which I guess is still cool! So if you bean bois love the garbage I create, feel free to donate however much you want! Also, since I can't monetize, that means I don't need to fallow the YouTube guidelines, so I can make the most god awful sheit YouTube has ever seen! so get ready my bois! This is only the beginning!

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