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Fellow nerds who find me worthy enough for at least one dollar. Includes big hugs if I see you in person.
Cup of Coffee
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Is this how much coffee costs? I don't drink coffee unless I want to feel like hyperactive death. The extra dollar can go a long way. 
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I'm like your own personal Netflix or Hulu subscription. Crunchyroll  for fellow weeaboos. 




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Wassup Nerds??
Welcome to my Patreon page!

The fact you took the time to visit the page and looked around already means a lot. And if you consider supporting, you'd be turning make my passion into a proper career.

Making the decision to Stream and make YouTube videos full time was an extremely difficult decision but taking the plunge was something I've wanted to do for a long time. I decided to resign from my job as a commission appliance salesperson to take this opportunity. 

This is the best way to directly support content creators in this day and age. The price of a cup of coffee can give someone enough to survive. And with enough people, you give them the opportunity to thrive. For me, it being able to make enough to cover the cost of living. Anything beyond that would go straight to the quality of my streams or videos to give a better experience. 

Thanks for visiting!

Your Fellow Nerd,
$0 of $15 per month
With this I can purchase and maintain a private Minecraft server for myself and other whitelisted members. 
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