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Every little bit counts! I'm grateful for any kind of interest at all, in a project that I've wanted to do for years.

You get:

  • Access to locked posts - until the framework is (mostly) complete, these will contain updates to the framework (with screenshots!) and upcoming plans
  • After Lorekeeper is released, you will get previews of upcoming recipes.
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Nice!! I'm not good at words!! Please help me test this thing!! 

You get:

  •  An invite code to the site in development (one per person; when I get a demo set up) - you can test out the features as they're developed 
  • Access to locked posts - until the framework is (mostly) complete, these will contain updates to the framework (with screenshots!) and upcoming plans
  • After Lorekeeper is released, you will get early access to upcoming recipes! These will eventually be made open-source as well, but you will be able to test the code out early and provide feedback.




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Hello! I'm Cy. I'm (currently) a web developer who also draws as a hobby. 

As a longtime member of the deviantART community, I like the idea of closed species ARPGs. However, a lot of these are run manually, relying on mods to update journals, posts and spreadsheets, and in an increasing number of games, players also need to maintain their own player/character trackers. A lot of time gets spent on repetitive work that's prone to human error and hiccups in the editor, which causes burnout, delays approvals and leaves less time for the fun stuff. On top of that, it's difficult to keep things consistent and sometimes, find information (Have you ever run into issues finding out the monetary value of an adopt you own? Or asked two mods the same question and received different answers OH NO).

Ideally, it would be nice if everyone could have offsite masterlists that also allows users to handle things without requiring mod attention, but not everyone has access to the skills to code their own sites, and after coding a masterlist site once (shoutout to Stygians) I figured it'd be inefficient to code the same features over and over for different games. ENTER LOREKEEPER.


What is Lorekeeper?

Lorekeeper is a framework for managing ARPGs/closed species masterlists that I'm currently coding. In simple terms - you will be able to make a copy of the site, do some minor setup/enter data about your species and game, and it'll provide you with the automation to keep track of your species, players and ARPG submissions.

What can it do?

  • Users can create an account which will hold their characters and earnings from participating in the game.
  • Mods can add characters to the masterlist, which can also record updates to a character's design. (Yes, multiple mods can work on the masterlist at the same time.)
  • Characters get a little bio section on their profile that their owners can edit. Personalisation!
  • Users' ownership histories (including whether they are an FTO) and characters' previous owners are tracked.
  • Users can submit art to the submission queue, which mods can approve/reject. This dispenses rewards automagically.
  • Users can spend their hard-earned rewards immediately, without requiring mods to look over their trackers (because it's all been pre-approved).
  • Characters, items and currency can be transferred between users. trading between users for game items/currency/characters on-site is also a thing.
  • Logs for all transfers are kept, so it's easy to check where everything went. 
  • The masterlist is king, so ownership can't be ambiguous, and the current design of a character is always easily accessible.
  • Speaking of which, you can search for characters based on traits, rarity, etc. Also, trait/item/etc. data get their own searchable lists - no need to create additional pages detailing restrictions on how a trait should be drawn/described.
  • Unless you want to, in which case you can add custom pages in HTML without touching the codebase!
  • A raffle roller for consecutive raffles! You may have seen this in action on the Stygians site, and a "lite" version I made for Berry-Bazaar's Kittsunami 2019. Mods can add/remove tickets and users who have already won something will be automatically removed from future raffles in the sequence.
...and more! This list would get too long if I wrote everything down, but I also have plans for handling MYO slot approvals, design update approvals and...lots of things.

Ok, but what if I need X?

You can grab a coder to add specific features you need, or suggest it - once I'm done with the basic framework, I'll take requests for generic features, which I'll code as optional updates (recipes) you can implement. For example...
  • Patreon linking
  • Simple daily click games
  • Building family trees
  • A Discord bot?! that can pull data from your site?? 
These won't be happening for a while yet (if they do), as I've still got a long way to go on the main framework! The reason I'm not including these in Lorekeeper is that my intention with the framework is to provide a starting point for simple ARPGs, and not overrun it with features only a handful of people will actually use.

What will I need to run it? What's it made of?

A server that runs PHP7 and MySQL (phpMyAdmin highly recommended unless you know what you're doing), that you have SSH access to. It's built with PHP/HTML/Javascript on Laravel and uses Bootstrap 4 for the layout, so unfortunately it might not jive well with people using Internet Explorer (why???) still.
I would say you can upload the code onto your own server, but it would be radically better to git clone it (this is going up on Github), so definitely consider installing Git. Please install Git.
Sorry, I've been trying to reduce the amount of techy stuff you'll have to go through to set it up, because I know you might not have access to someone who knows this stuff...but there's still a certain amount of setup that needs to be done. I do intend to go through the setup process from scratch (from choosing a hosting service onwards) and take screenshots along the way, though! I'll have a detailed tutorial written by release time.

So, I need to pay/subscribe to this Patreon to use it?

In developer tradition, I'm planning to make it open source, which means anyone can see/use/modify the code to their purposes. For now, though, patrons will be able to see the progress that's made on it. I'll put up a copy of the (unfinished) site somewhere and higher tier patrons can register to check out the functionality. 
In the future, (higher tier) patrons will get early access to recipes. Those will, again, be made open source, but it'll be easier to ask me directly for help and suggestions for how to modify the code. 
So no, you don't have to give me money for anything at all, but it would allow me to spend more time coding it!

So like why are you taking money for something you're giving out for fre

(Louder) IT WOULD ALLOW ME TO SPEND MORE TIME CODING I(Translation: more funding means I finish faster)

What if..................I don't need so many features. I just want the raffle roller

As a side project, I'm planning to make an ARPG tools page that you can use without doing any kind of setup! It'll just be simple stuff like a raffle roller that can take in a Google Forms responses spreadsheet...a dA masterlist post generator (based on a text template that you feed in)...etc. etc. Once again though this isn't going to be anytime soon! (Probably.)

Would I be able to get you to set it up for me?

I don't have a solid answer for this yet - It depends on how busy I am and how much setting up this will need, but I'll definitely address this later!

So like.......are you a coder...or an artist...I thought you were an artist

I'm a lesbian by profession, thanks for your attention!
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 48 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 48 exclusive posts

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