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is creating Corset Patterns and educational CAD tutorials
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You may not be interested in receiving a corset pattern, but you like the idea that Caroline is bringing historical design ideas to a modern audience and would like to support her in this endeavour
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An AutoCAD designed corset pattern in sizes UK 8-24 (US 4-20) posted every 3 months in addition to hints, tips and corsetry-related articles.

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An AutoCAD designed corset pattern in sizes UK 8-24 (US 4-20) posted at no less than 6-weekly intervals (a minimum of 9 per year) in addition to hints, tips, articles and the occasional non-corset pattern!




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About Caroline Woollin

Precision patterning in AutoCAD is my obsession - I am researching the wonderful historical world of corsetry, creating unique and contemporary designs as well as bringing forgotten patterns to a modern audience.

I am fanatical about corsets and a complete cadaholic. I have been using AutoCAD for many years and started creating my own patterns in 2014 which are commercially available through Etsy and my website. It is a marriage made in heaven for me and I have taken some time off from my paid employment to explore and develop this artform. I want to bring to life the historical patterns of the past, but give them a modern twist for the discerning corset maker of today.

As a patron of mine you will share my love of corsets and make them for yourself, friends or clients. You might be frustrated at the number and variety of patterns commercially available - it is a very niche market after all. You might not have the time to draft numerous patterns in different sizes - it is a time-consuming affair. You will relish the challenge of a new corset pattern for very little outlay, and maybe just like the idea that somebody has taken on the challenge of patterning designs that were once ubiquitous but have been lost in the midst of time. You may not make every pattern of course but the designs may inspire you and you are perfectly at liberty to amend them to suit your own needs and designs.

For anyone pledging for the 'gorgeous corset pattern' tier there will be under-busts, over-busts, cupped corsets, 2 - 20-panelled corsets. There will be gores and gussets. There will be full instructions. All patterns will be graded from size 8 - 22 (UK), 4-18 (US), and plus sizes will sometimes be included. For anyone pledging smaller amounts there will be information - hint, tips and photos of what I'm working on.

If you pledge for the $10 tier you will receive CAD hints and tips and Youtube videos each month that will teach you patterning using CAD software (DraftSight - note: there is now a $99 fee for this software). If you work through the tutorials you will become proficient in CAD and be able to digitally draft your own designs.

Please check out my work on my website

All of my patterns are available through my Etsy shop

Cover photo: Tigz Rice Studios courtesy of the Underpinnings Museum
Insert photo: Modelling and photography Liv Free

$627 of $1,200 per month
If this were to be ever possible in such a niche environment it means I have built up my reputation successfully and the corset community in general are being supportive and would like to see me continue creating unusual and innovative designs.
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