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Corvus analyzes aspects of video games and game design! That's me!

Why Patreon?

Corvus is a place where video games can be discussed in a more exhaustive, detailed, analytical sense. Whether it's a mechanical analysis of Deltarune's Act System, a Boss Analysis of Sonic Mania, or an exhaustive analysis of the entirety of Cuphead, Little Nightmares, Celeste, Mario Odyssey, you name it... leaving no stone unturned, but still structured regardless.

The idea began on the website, so the website will remain and host the scripts / written portions of the videos released.

These videos, however, take a full-time job's worth of hours. This Patreon will help make that dream come true where I can focus on releasing videos at a more reasonable rate.

Where's the Money Going?

Right now, everything is being used to help offset the cost of Website hosting, equipment, and games that will be dissected.

Like I said, I would love to do this full-time, so eventually the money will help me live when I make that full-time transition. I would also love to pay those who help me out regarding proofreading scripts and even those who create future analysis videos. That's a prospect that might come to light in the future.

What Are the Current and Future Tier Rewards?

The rewards may change as more people join. I'm looking forward to interacting with you all.

I'm hoping the Discord server will end up promoting some interesting discussions and perhaps stir some thoughts about games / videos I'm working on, although only Patrons will be able to take part in any discussions relating to content I'm currently working on.

I wanted to make sure you get the most bang for your buck, so I stuffed the $1, $3, and $5 Tiers with a couple goodies each.

I'm always willing to switch Tiers or Rewards around depending on what people want.

What Is the Future of Corvus?

I would love to bring to light some of the lesser known games but I also can't help but bring to light the popular games sometimes. There's a real scarcity of content that discusses the crucial design aspects that fundamentally cripple (or elevate) titles and yet certain audiences still find entertaining, and there's always a reason.

Kickstarter Analysis may be brought back if people demand it. Currently, there's too much on my plate to realistically tackle it all, but that may change.

I'm experimenting with streaming, so that could be a fun community get together.

While my focus is currently on video games, my original intent with the website was to support more categories such as movies, TV shows, and board games. Of course, in order to do this, I would need to bring more people on board. The website already hosts a couple Movie posts when we experimented with the idea. If this idea ever comes to fruition, I want to be able to pay everyone involved, so as of now, it stands as a bare bones idea.

Thank You

Even a dollar keeps me going and would mean more than you know.

Whether you support me here on Patreon or not, I want to thank you for enjoying my content enough to visit my Patreon. Every viewer, Like, comment, and subscriber means a lot to me. You are the reason I can keep on doing what I'm doing.

Where Can I Find You?

Hopefully Patreon and Discord! Woo!

Main Channel:  YouTube

Streaming Channel:  YouTube


The best way to support us (non-financially) is by subscribing to our YouTube channel (and to our mailing list on our website's front page if you're interested in the written versions).

Follow me on Twitter! I'm active there!

$10 of $100 per month
This goal will significantly help our costs.

We'll be able to afford the website, higher quality microphones, additional Hard Drives for storage, and in-demand games for the website / YouTube that we can't obtain copies of.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 70 exclusive posts
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