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About Cosmic Skies Pins

Hello and welcome to my pin club! Your support will help me to create more designs and pins and have them manufactured quickly. Each month will have a design unique to my pin club and will feature a mix of original art and fan art pins. Every dollar goes towards helping me turn my designs into enamel pins for people to enjoy. Thank you for your continued support! 

*note* the pin club portion of my patreon is on break, however I have other reward tiers available!

if you want to check out the pins I’ve made so far, go to my instagram @cosmicskiespins or take a look at my website

Some info about this Patreon:
  • pledges go through on the 1st of every month 
  • After the pledges are charged, I will provide everyone with their respective coupons for that month! 
  • Pins generally take about 3 weeks to manufacture but patrons will get to see progress photos along the way! For the most part, the pins will be delivered towards the middle/end of the following month. 
  • Pledges can be canceled at any time before payments go through at the beginning of the month! However if you aren’t into that months design, you are free to choose a pin from my shop under $15 instead. 
  • Any leftover pins will be available in a shop exclusive to patrons! So if you miss out on a design you want, you can always pledge and opt to receive any that are still in stock instead of that months pin, or just purchase it through the shop. Like the discount codes, the shop link will be available at the beginning of the month after pledges go through!
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With this steady support I can start a monthly sticker club!
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