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get access to the goods! sketch dumps, WIPs of future pieces, and  a personalized character sketch once per month

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you little star you. not everything i make is fit for public consumption, but you get to see the pieces i end up not finishing, you can submit ideas for a sheet of patreon exclusive doodles published once per month, plus everything from the previous tier, 

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thank youuu!!!!! you get to see all art before I post to twitter, you get to see one patreon-exclusive piece per month, plus everything from the previous tiers 




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About Cosmictricks Art

hi hello welcome to my patreon

My name is Riley and I'm a 22 year old grad student who makes digital art! I'm originally from the pacific northwest, but went to college in Maine where I studied conservation biology and astrophysics. I'm going to grad school internationally, so supporting me on patreon allows me to have a source of income while I figure out my visa situation to be able to work abroad. I'm getting my masters in wildlife biology and want to work at a zoo doing science education after all this!

I do my art in a combination of Photoshop Elements 8 and Clip Studio Paint, with a Wacom Intuos tablet. I draw mainly animal-related things: pokemon, neopets, fursonas, and occasionally dabble in landscapes. I would love to work more on drawing people since I'm uh.. pretty bad. I can't wait to share with you what I create! By supporting me, you are supporting an autistic, LGBTQ, female artist! thank you!
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Earning 100$ a month would be huge, and would allow me to have a little spending money while I am unemployed and waiting to move abroad.
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