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Hi, my name is Andrea Patti. I created and run a youtube channel called "Cost of living in". These videos cover many important topics that you'll want to know before moving to a new city/country. I travel the world investigating the costs of living in different places. I visit shops, gyms, offices, talk to local people to find out the expenses for an average person. 

Any money donated through patreon will 100% be used towards bettering the quality and the content of my videos, as well as helping to make sure I can survive long enough to make that content.

I can only take these videos to the NEXT LEVEL with your support!
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At 100$ pledged per month, I'll make a special video for you, comparing all the cities I already visited and did a video about and I'll tell you all the differences, pros and cons about each city. So you will be able to decide which city/country fits the best for YOUR needs.
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