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Since shortly after the election in 2016, I have been trying to express my anger, frustration, and confusion over honesty and corruption in the media and the White House. While I still believe The New York Times is the paper of record, they are editorially forced to report perversions and half-truths (not that absolves them of bias or responsibility, though.) To express this visually, I started making a Corruption of the Day by scanning and remixing the front page of the Times. Initially, these distortions were made by moving around the paper during scanning. Later, I developed an automated version with Rob Seward of Electric Objects (RIP) for their platform. While working on that automation, I started writing my own scripts. Recently the titles have become important elements, too, by cutting and mixing various words and phrases from the days headlines, I end up with horrifying yet maybe truer lines like, “Erratic Leader-Upends Global-Order Built by-GRAFT”

I make these every day and post them on Twitter and Instagram. When this is over, I'll compile them into a book. By joining this Patreon campaign, you can gain exclusive access to prints and custom variations. There will be one unique book made with the original front page opposite a print of the day's corruption.

Although the current administration will someday end, the corruption will continue. So this project may be never-ending, as is the quest for truth and what's fit to print.
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B-day Corruption Print
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Half-size print of the Corruption of the Day from your last birthday. Image size roughly 6"x11", paper size 11"x17".
Corruption of Your Choice
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Full-size print of the Corruption of the Day of your choice. Print size roughly 12"x22" plus border.
Large Aluminum CotD
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20"x36" CotD of your choice printed on glossy aluminum. S'nice. Shiny.  Could almost make you forget the world is on fire. But, nah.
Custom Corruption on Aluminum
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Choose a date, I'll run all the scripts, you choose one for a 20"x36" aluminum print.
Term of Corruption unique artist's book
Limited (1 of 1 remaining)
per month
When the current administration ends, I'll print every CotD, pair it with that days original, and bind them into a unique book. The sooner it ends, the better deal this tier is! And the better off the world is!

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