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Looking for more members for your niche guild? Want to cry foul about a ninja looter? Want to let everyone know you just got the Baron's mount? Want all the hardcore guilds to know about why your character deserves to raid with them? 

With this entry level tier, you can have a Josh read out a short advertisement/brag/realm PSA (Must be SFW!) on the show in a 'Battle Shout Out'! Limited to 1 x 250 word (max) submission per patron per month.

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You can be the official sponsor of an episode, with Josh reading out a quick ad through the intro with text of your choosing about you and your gaming exploits. For example 'This episode of Countdown To Classic is brought to you by Patron CritHappens! Raining down Reck Bombs since 2005, Crithappens is the biggest, baddest paladin in the world' - or something far cooler than that example :P (Similar 250 word, SFW limitations)


Your name will also be elevated to the legendary orange category in the Countdown To Classic Discord! Throw some hefty weight behind your opinions on WoW: Classic with that beautiful orange branding!

You'll enjoy all of the $2 and $10 rewards as well.

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About Josh Corbett

Hi Everyone! 

Firstly, thank you for being a part of the Countdown To Classic community.  To all you listeners of the show, I can't tell you how much your continued support of the podcast means to me, and seeing the show grow to what it has, is nothing short of amazing to me.

I believe firmly in this show, and I absolutely pour my heart and soul into each and every episode, which I hope you can hear, and may be part of the reason why you're here now.

I've created this page to ask you to potentially help out even further, to make this show become the go to source of news, gossip and information about World of Warcraft: Classic.  How can I do this?

Countdown To Classic is a show for the players, about the players.

I invite you to please check the rewards available here and see if any appeal to you - please know that every bit of support of the show, helps the show continue to bring you more of the professional content that you've come to now expect of Countdown To Classic. 

Look forward to bringing you more and more of this show that I, and hopefully you, love so much.

- Josh.
$711 of $6,000 per month
If Hell freezes over and I earn this much per month through Patreon, then I quit my job and become a full time Podcaster/YouTuber/Hermit on all things WoW, MMO's and Games. And I finally hire a cleaner for the bathroom situation here.
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