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What Am I Writing and Where I Create It

G’day! My name is Will. I’m the writer and creator of, a website that explores the origins and influences of the pre-internet era. In reflection, few would have predicted the social impact that productivity and game technology has had. My writing approaches the catalysts of change from a sometimes subjective - and other times nostalgic vantage point. It’s a literary journey, traveling past the game or platform review format.

Were you a user of technology before the internet tsunami broke on the shores of our digital lives? Engulfing our world in a seemingly instant seismic shift. Did you save left over lunch money and paper round wages to purchase budget release games? It was too bad if the game was a stinker, it’ll be the only new game you’d get for the next 2 weeks! This node in the history of our digital world, the early 80’s to mid 90’s, is the focus of my writing.

Goals and Reader’s Expectations

The frequency of article publication varies. In an ideal world, based on the amount of research I conduct, I would like to release a paper once a month. Writing is an activity that feels natural to me, and I would be producing these works regardless of sponsorship, therefore I don’t see a need to paywall my content, it’s free for all to enjoy. Advertising doesn’t fit my distribution platform either. In the context of my own website, I believe it becomes a distractor from what I believe is important - the content. I hope that my readers find entertainment, information and occasional humor in my words, ultimately that is my goal for writing. Thank you for taking the time to visit this donation page. If you would like to support my writing in the form of a monthly donation, you’ll validate my efforts and add a skip to my step.
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