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Courting Comedy is a San Francisco Bay Area Comedy blog through and through. Over five years, I've interviewed my favorite comedians, championed my peers, promoted local shows, uncovered history, and encouraged and supported others to do the same. I just wanted to give props and homage. That's all I wanted in this world!

Thankfully people have really responded. My work has been recognized by SFWeekly, I've been invited to contribute to other publications, and I feel valued by my community. 

But at what cost... Hours of my life poured into this bottomless mimosa of media, risking my job to scroll through Tumblr, looking for a hot tip, being the last ditch effort of procrastinating comedians who give me their show information the day of! These are all unsubstantial complaints against something I performed of my own volition, I know. I know.

There are literal costs though, in the way of domains and hosting, purchasing media to comment on, and sweet, sweet alcohol. Plus, advertisement, licensing software to make my job easier (or more accessible), and commissioning my friends to draw pictures, or make music. And lest I forget, therapy; this endeavor has required a whole lot of therapy. (Thanks, Paul!)

This Patreon account is to help engage with readers, really get in their heads, to write articles and take pictures that they're interested in (and hide it away from people who don't understand us). I'm also hoping to raise enough money to commission more art, buy equipment to take on bigger endeavors and ultimately get better at providing the best, damn San Francisco Bay Area comedy blog that I can mustard.
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This will pay for monthly contour line drawings from Anna Vignet, MOSTLY as a excuse to see cute, food-based, comedian puns.
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