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Okay guys, you are the real MVPs! I wish I could offer you the world, but I have not yet conquered that, so in the meantime I will offer you a huge THANK YOU! You will have access to future chapter updates as well as other special content.

My Heroes
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This tier is for my heroes! When I am in a jam I'll reach out to you through poll and would love YOUR input about my story. Do you like the direction its going? What are some things you would like to read more of? On top of having access to future content releases, I will also sing your praises in a monthly shout out.




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As a writer sometimes it is hard to find the motivation to keep a story going. Despite the love you develop for your characters and the world that you create, sometimes it's hard when you're left to question, just who am I creating this world for? That's where you guys come in, and I would love to give you a big thank you for showing your support for my page and my content. Yall are the big motivational kick in the butt that I need to bring my creative thoughts, ideas, and dreams to life! So what exactly do I plan to offer you? I have a computer full of fantastical stories I would love to further develop for you guys and it's my goal to update you with new, exciting content on a weekly basis. I'll be posting content chapters weekly, and will probably also fill the days between my weekly releases with blog and opinion articles as well.
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By the time I reach 50 patrons I hope to be able to bring you chapters twice a week and maybe even provide extra content for characters. End goal? Lets get this book written!
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