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Crack Daniels, Jr., founder of Cracked and Coded - Who am I you ask? Just a generally friendly person, first off. Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, went to the military at 18 and now has found a nice abode in South Carolina which is home to Cracked and Coded. Now that we have that out of the way. What is Cracked and Coded? 'Tis a general place for gamers, nerds, geeks, and freaks. For streamers and gamers alike whether you're retro or modernized. For communities who love personally designed merch from the mind of Cracked and Coded and its fans! For the brave who dare to be comfortable while gaming in a "OG Control" t-shirt or drink some early morning coffee from the "New Challenger" coffee mug. If you would like you could even order some merch now from!

DONATE: Cracked and Coded is also in collaboration with The AbleGamers Charity for disabled gamers. Currently we are participating in the "A Day to Game" campaign. If you would like to make a donation please follow this link Anything you would like to give will be highly appreciated by everyone here at CaC and The AbleGamers Charity.

If you would like to support Cracked and Coded in other ways you could always head over to and watch my live streams T-W-F at 8 o'clock PM EST.

Also, visit for more information. Everyone has a game.
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