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About Craftbench Models


If you've arrived here, it probably means that you enjoy creating things as much as I do.  My intent with this site is to provide tutorials of some of my favorite projects which anyone can create irregardless of whether or not they own specialized tools.  My goal is to demonstrate how to create interesting projects with a small variety of easily obtainable hand tools.

In order to access the downloadable plans on this site, please select the $4 tier to the right.  For access to everything else regarding the projects including construction photos, FAQ pages, etc... please select the $1 tier.  Once a tier is activated, the entire site will load.    -------------------------------------->

I've separated my projects by "Featured Tags" which will appear on the left of the page.  You can click on each tag in order to see all of the postings regarding that tag including the construction videos, plans, etc.. 

Current Projects Include:

Miniature Grandfather Clock:
Video #1
Video #2
Video #3
FAQ Forum
Plan Set

Ming Dynasty Chinese Ship Model
Video #1
Video #2
FAQ Forum
Plan Set

Ming Dynasty Chinese Ship Model - Old Version

"Old" Plan Set for those who are moving quicker than the "new" video series

Coming Soon:
Video - Ship in a Bottle
Videos - Continuation of Video Series for Ming Dynasty Chinese Ship Model
Videos - Miniature Trebuchet (Designed as an impressive replica, but functional, allowing for  tossing of scratch paper balls into desk garbage bins)
Videos - Light Boxes - Mountainscapes of Idaho incorporating cliffs, water, moon as options (Designed as "non-tacky" projects which can be displayed in living room, dining room, etc)

Happy modeling!


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