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Blue Boi
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Blue of Tapeblorp can give humans little drawings made by a living hand. (I'll mail a small drawing! - One time benefit)
Camel Tape
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Camel skins add a unique quality to a life as it protects while still giving a nice touch. As well as secret communication. (I'll send a hand-drawn card and a discord link!  -   One time benefit for the drawing)
Orange tape
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Orange peels give vibrant colors to boring old tape things and shows superiority over other tape stuff for they wield the strongest and stickiest tape of them all. Only few have the honor of holding such sacred skin. (You will get a word of thanks, a hand drawn card, and discord link!  - One time benefit for the drawing ) As long as you are on the discord server, you can inspire future videos!




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About Leeo and Tape

I have a great love for creating and want to make more crafts that will bring joy to my little slice of the world! Masking tape is my forte. 

I have no idea how rewards work.

NOTICE #1: I made this page because I was bored and I don't think it actually works

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