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is creating Homie gots too many bills to pay
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Large Danglers
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Congrats, you got some decent sized danglers between those toothpicks you call legs. 
Swollen Bean Bags
per creation
If I didn't know any better, I'd say your bean bags are a lot bigger than usual. And purple. Nice.
Gold plated Gonads of GOLD
per creation
Dude, your nuggets are solid gold. Wait... did you also plate them in gold as well? Guess I shouldn't question someone who just gave me $100 and has gold danglers on top of that.




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About Craggle Rock

Give me money and earn your place on the Placard of Gold Danglers.
$0 of $2,000 per creation
This is what I need. I need this faster than you thotties ever thot possible. I bet no one has the danglers to drop $2000 at once and change my life forever
Once I reach $2000 I'll poll the patrons and post a vid of the craziest polled request. 

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