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About Craig Hole

Being an independent author is tough and the costs are catching up with me.  My blog hosting alone is starting to become a burden and the few cents I make in ad revenue doesn't help.  I also have to hire other freelancers (cover designers, beta readers etc.) to get my books to market.  My book sales don't even lead to my breaking even on the cost of each book I put out.  It's getting tough to stay independent and still put out novel length fiction.

Most independent authors write novella length works, they manage to survive by volume of different works, I want to try and change that by putting out quality novels through an independent platform that allows me to release and distribute my work to my fans as I see fit.  By becoming a patron you help me cover the costs of publishing and web hosting as well as marketing.  Long term, with enough patrons, I hope to be able to release my works for free in digital formats that allow the most people possible access to my novels.  I want to change the novel from a commodity that is profit driven to a story that can be shared and enjoyed by as many people possible.  Pledging helps me on this path.
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