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Hello and welcome to my Patreon page!
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There is a common misunderstanding that in 2014 anyone can record a masterpiece in his or her garage. Here in Los Angeles, I will be recording in a world class studio where I'll be able to bring my songs to life. With your help, I'll be able to make music that is radio ready and sonically full and beautiful. Personally, one of the most exciting aspects of this project is that I will be able to work with some of LA's best studio musicians and engineers.

I would LOVE to be able to make official music videos for every song released through my patreon page. Unfortunately, music videos are super expensive, but with your help, I'll be able to make them as great as possible. Music Videos can be great expressions of art and at the same time amazing promotional tools.

Here in Los Angeles, there are industry folks that can help launch my career on a global level. When I'm not in the studio recording the songs you will be receiving, I will be building a team to work with. The end goal is to use songs from this project to assemble a great record that can be distributed on a large scale. * Once the album is released, certain patrons will receive a limited edition autographed vinyl copy of the record.

$137 of $500 per song and per music video.
A great way to demo the songs is to record acoustic versions. This will help me decide which songs to take in to the larger studio setting for the final larger scale productions. To celebrate this milestone goal, I will host an exclusive, acoustic webcast show for my patreon followers.
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