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My name is Justin. I spent over a decade as a busy IT professional traveling the world, making money and slowly feeling my passion for creating things fade. So I saved up enough money to take about 9 months off, relearn how to code and teach myself game development while investing the rest of that money into making a game that I wanted to play, but no one else was making. During that effort, I threw myself into creating a weird simulation game that channels Progress Quest, Phantasy Star Online, Path of Exile, and several other personal favorite games.

The result of this effort has been ARPG Manager, which is 100% free to people who--and I know you're out there--want to play the same games I do. This is a real game that is fully playable and almost release-ready. Real supporters are playing it already. Several of the base explorer skins were made by supporters and a good percentage of the in-game banter has been dreamed up and suggested by fans. I hope, through Patreon, to go even further and flesh out the world with fan-made content, such as new antagonists, cool unique items and fun side quests.


This is just my first game, and with your support it will not be my last. I'm looking for patrons who are passionate about games and want to be a part of the games they support. The games I create through Patreon will be supported by 1) patrons and 2) ethical micro-transactions (which are really just another way to say "I want to support this"). This means:
  • No purchase price.
  • No ads.
  • No paywalls.
  • No "fun pain" energy limits.
  • No lunchboxes.
  • No pay to win.
  • No gacha.
  • No referral schemes that reward you for annoying your friends.
You can play the entire game the exact same way everyone else plays. And if you enjoy it and you want it to live on, get better and grow siblings, you can either sign up to become a patron or buy some awesome skins to customize your game experience.

I really hope you come along for the ride and help launch this game. Then we move on to make the next one together <3
$6 of $250 per month
Embarrassing Thank You Video!

All monthly fees associated with developing and hosting the game will be essentially covered. I will record a thank you video, thanking all active patrons and say one thing, per patron, that you request. This is, of course, subject to editorial oversight. I won't make death threats on your behalf or violate YouTube content rules, but I will William Shatner my way through a few lines of bad poetry if that will make you laugh.
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