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About Crankyteapot

Hello Fellow Human Beings!
I’m a Russian artist/design student living and studying in New Zealand. I happen to love comics, monsters, and cartoons! I also happen to like to draw those things.

What I do:
Draw! I draw a lot. I do both traditional and digital art. my favourite things to illustrate are monsters and original characters.
Every now and then I also draw fanart for things I fancy.
I have multiple comics I have planned. I’m still figuring those out, but in the meanwhile enjoy the snippet comics I have!

Current projects: 
  • idly doing worldbuilding/plotting/character designing for personal stuff
  • joaquin/bartholomew comic (still in sketch stage)

I’m still going to be tweaking this Patreon a bunch, but existing tiers aren't gonna change too much yet. 

i will keep most fanstuff free to view.

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It'll primarily go to small uni-related costs. Neat!
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