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Hi. My name is Crash and I am 22. I've been telling stories since before I could read, taking photos since I was fourteen, and struggling with how to love people the right way since I was about six. The visual art is kind of new, though. =)

As my life progresses, I've realized that art will always be an intrinsic part of it. If I'm not creating, there's a part of me that's painfully dormant, and eventually it'll explode in strange and unforseen directions.

As a patron, you help support an independent, queer, polyamorous, mentally ill artist in her daily life and in the struggle to balance work, life, and occasionally a few hours of sleep. You also support a non-traditional returning college student pursue and Occupational Therapy Assistant associates' degree and help me afford to replace used up paint, paper and canvases, hand-me-down photo gear that stops working, and the like.

Here's where to find me elsewhere on the internet:

Current creative endeavors can be found below!

WRITING: Crazy Beautiful Life
This is a book that I have been unintentionally working on since 2006. When I was twelve, I met a boy named Joe. When we were 22, Joe died of a heroin overdose. This book is the elegy I wish I didn't have to write.

See more writing here

PHOTOGRAPHING: Local Twin Cities music, and the great and wild outdoors
I love live music and am most at home in the front row of an overcrowded basement with my flash firing. When I'm not at shows, I track down local artists for promotional photos, album covers, and great company. I also sometimes collaborate on videos.

I also work an an outdoor leader with an awesome nonprofit based out of Minneapolis, and will be touring the greater Minnesota area for 4-6 weeks in the fall. I hope to bring back some photographs that truly capture the beauty of the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes

See more photography on Tumblr or Facebok

CREATING: Paintings, paper cut art, and band merch
In 2014 I discovered a fondness for contrast and negative space, and since then, my Silhouette series has been giving me a way to express emotion and pay tribute to people. In 2016 I started dabbling in layered paper art, continuing in the silhouette theme but adding new elements. I hope to eventually make my visual art a multimedia experience that uses texture and color to tell all the stories I cannot write.

I also collaborate with local musicians to create memorable and consistent merchandise like stickers, album covers, zines, and t-shirts.

See more visual art here

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