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If you not interested in playing in one of my game sessions but feel generous enough to donate to me to allow me to keep doing my dream job. 

I value my integrity very much and feel that is one of the reasons my clients chose me when there are many choices of Game Masters out there. So I cannot offer any tangible "reward" to prevent the appearance of pay to win or bribe-able GM accusations.

Thank you!

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About Cory Sober

Welcome to my Patreon page.

My name is Cory and I'm a professional Game Master. I run my clients through roleplaying games on the website. Currently I am running mostly World of Darkness games by White Wolf, I also running a Sci-Fi space game with the Savage Worlds system.

My goal is to attempt to bring my clients an above average roleplaying experience, which as we all have grown older and free time harder to come by is a very valuable thing.

I spend countless hours building the backdrop of all of my games, guidelines for character creation, and clarification on rules I have found vague. Then after the players have made their characters they are free to run loose within the world I have made.

I am a reactive Game Master, my job is to say yes to the adventures the players want to follow. Rather than a linear path that prohibits any deviation. My games are as wide and open as I can be. The players imagination is the canvas that I try to paint the game upon. 
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Cory relocation fund.

I need to move soon. My time living in Seattle is coming to a close now that I can live nearly anywhere. My estimate is I'm going to need to save up around a thousand to be able to make that happen. I will be working on saving on my own but I am very open for help from anyone who would like m y thanks and undying love.
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