is creating video game music, covers, and remixes
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About CGT

Who the heck is this?  I'm CGT (CrazyGroupTrio if you prefer the longer name) and I kinda love video game music. I make covers, remixes, arrangements, remakes, and my own original music inspired by my favorite games. Odds are if you're here you already know that, so hey let's move on.

Why should I back CGT?  Well if you want to support me, the best thing you can do is buy my music on your favorite music platform (iTunes, Spotify, etc). But if you want to support me and insure that I will be able to continue making sweet tunes in the future, you can contribute here! ALSO, Patrons who contribute over $2 a month will have access to music covers that I will ONLY release here. Pretty cool huh? More music is always cool.

What's the Goal here?  Basically, I want to keep making music for you all.  I used to release music specifically for YouTube, buuut YouTube doesn't really support small time creators like me anymore... so this is a decent alternative!
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$1000 is an insane amount to me right now. If I actually reach it I will be beyond happy, and have so much faith for the future of CGT.
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