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About cre8tees

Hi! We are Cre8Tees & Fashions, an online graphic tee design studio. We launched late 2015 with the first few pieces of our line. We were set to go with a solid plan and designs. The social media buzz was great. Unfortunately, within this period, we experienced some financial setbacks. We have been inundated with requests for sales for "future pieces" that we have given sneak peeks at. We still wish to produce quality graphic clothing, but at a price that is affordable. We don't want to debut a piece at a price point that is more than we would personally pay for that piece. This is where you all come in. We believe the remedy is to "crowdsource" our line and partner with friends and supporters to support each piece from concept to production. We want to be the first fashion line funded totally by supporters. In exchange for your support, we will share in rewards, have exclusive giveaways and incentives, and one of a kind "patron only" tees. We will also, based on the level of patronage, offer tees at cost.
We are looking to add more incentives as we grow and We thank you in advance for your trust and support of the Cre8 brand. You can be a "partner" with as little as One dollar!!!

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