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Making arts and crafts has always brought me joy. My mother will tell you that ever since I was a little girl I much preferred the stationary and craft aisles of department stores over the toy stores. One of my favorite Christmas gifts as a child was a plastic fishing box filled to the brim with art supplies.

Another great passion of mine that I have carried throughout my life is the love of books. The musky smell of books, the textures and weights of different paper, the knowledge that I knew I could always find within, and the stories that have taken me away from my ordinary life, all have soothed, inspired, and captivated me.

I grew up going to thrift stores and yard sales with my mom. When I was in high school I loved to buy “vintage” clothes to wear. Something unique that no one else had. I couldn’t afford the fancy clothes and creative outfits were my favorite anyways. Somewhere along the way, thrifting became a type of solace for me. I don’t even have to buy anything, just walking around thrift stores and sifting through discarded treasures is peaceful and relaxing to me. I get a thrill of buying something at the thrift store that I actually needed but couldn’t afford new and another thrill if I can repurpose something that might have ended up in a dumpster if I didn’t rescue it. This has become more prevalent as I go deeper into my arts and crafts hobby.

As my life became more stressful I sought arts and crafts as my therapy. I discovered Zentangle through the gift of a book that members of my congregation gave me. I found it liberating and exciting to be able to draw with no expectation of creating an Art Museum masterpiece. I started carrying around a travel kit filled with pencils and illustration pens and small squares of paper so that I could do this anywhere. The portability was wonderful.

From Zentangling I learned about mixed media Art Journaling and my joy and excitement grew. I still have every single diary I kept since the 1st grade. I have always turned to writing in my diary to help me process thoughts and feelings. But this art journaling - this was new. To use a visual instead of just words? It was like a whole new universe opened up for me. Again, the same with Zentangle, I deeply appreciated the freedom to make art without having to worry if it was “good enough” to keep or to hang up somewhere. An art journal allows you to keep all of this in one book and it reminds you that your masterpiece is for you, not the world. Amazingly, when I look through my art journals today, I can remember exactly what I was thinking and feeling on each page that I created regardless if there are words included or not.

Junk Journaling came next. This combines everything I mentioned above: paper, art supplies, books and thrifting. The creative process of making a book is addictive. You are making a functional piece of art. How often in life do we get to create something with our own hands that is functional and can be sued by others? It is highly satisfying.

But how many handmade books, cards, or supplies do we really need? That’s where my shop comes in.

Create Joy Gifts was started after a mother of a coworker noticed some pictures of cards I had made on Facebook. She wanted to know how she could buy some and encouraged me to open an Etsy shop. I opened Create Joy Gifts shop on Etsy in October 2017. I was working full-time as a Business Administrator for a congregation so this shop was considered just a place to sell arts and crafts that I made for fun. Then in the Spring of 2018 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome on top of my other health issues. It became unbearable for me to work in the position I had held for 12.5 years. I left my career in May 2018 with no expectation of going back. Now my shop is not only a hobby but it is also a way that I can help support my son and I.
Every purchase made from my shop is a validation to me that my hobby matters. Every positive review in my shop brings me joy and fills my heart. Every item I make with my own two hands and sell is me sharing a part of myself with the world.
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