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About Create Me

Hello Everyone,
My passion as a mother, was creating quick, easy and new ideas to make my family life simpler. This led to my YouTube channel being created a year back. It was something I always do for my kids, so making video tutorials at first was for my kids to watch and learn how to create things the easy way.
My videos include handcraft creations to holiday activities for kids, how to dress up birthday parties and creating trending cakes. Knitting hacks to sewing tricks to fix garments, all the way to daily hacks and oh so much more.
My thoughts were all of my quick, easy and last minute creations may help others like me including mothers who need tricks up their sleeves, to save a few pennies and time.
As we say "sharing is caring", so this is my way of saying "I care" by sharing my ideas to the world and hope that even if it helps even just one person, I'll be happy and satisfied.

So here’s the link to my channel, please help me continue my PASSION and DREAMS of sharing this "care" to the world.

Thank you so much for your love and support, it is very much appreciated. 
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When i reach 500 patrons, i would like to get a better camera to shoot my tutorial videos, as right now i am using a small point and shoot camera.
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