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Thank you so much! For $5 a month, you get access to an AMA (Ask Me Anything - ya, anything!) held live, online on my Patreon page each and every month. You can also send questions in advance and I'll tackle 'em for you :)

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You generous one, you! for $10 donations, you get:

  • Monthly Ask Me Anything (AMA)
  • PLUS a monthly Masterclass on topics ranging from marketing your creative work, increasing confidence, getting clients in a way that feels good to you and so much more. I also take suggestions for future Masterclasses from my Patreons!

About Cat Rose

So, what's the Creative Introvert Podcast all about?

The Creative Introvert Podcast is for creatives; the makers, doers and thinkers who get their energy from within, who enjoy their time alone, and are most creative when working solo.

In January 2017 I finally got over my fears and self-consciousness to record and launch the Creative Introvert Podcast.

My goals are simple:

  • To help fellow creative introverts find their inner superpowers and use them (for good)
  • To teach them the skills and methods I've found useful to get their work out to their audience
  • To let others know they are not alone: we all have our inner gremlins to quieten down
  • To debunk the myths out there that make us feel 'less than': and instead to embrace our innie nature
  • To learn from YOU: whoever reads or listens and drops me an email or leaves a comment

How to support the show

Each show takes 4-6 hours to research, write (or interview guests), record, edit, format and produce as well as share with you. Then there are the hosting expenses...

As much as I've come to love podcasting... I can only keep this going with YOUR support. Any spare change you can give is massively appreciated and will go towards the costs of bringing you these episodes!

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