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Welcome! If you're looking to become a patron of the magazine COSGRRRL, or my creative and journalistic work, you've found the right place. First, a bit about me:

I'm a writer, educator, journalist, INFJ, and chronic investigator into the Meaning of Life. After working in the corporate and startup world for nearly a decade, I've turned back to my creative roots, towards creating work which elevates our consciousnes, and our dialogue with one another.

I teach business as an adjunct faculty at a local design college and publish on Medium and local Grand Rapids outlet RapidGrowthMedia. I've been featured in a handful of print outlets, including "Voices," Dyer-Ives' 2017 Poetry Competition, Grand Rapids Grassroots: An Anthology by Belt Publishing, Bandit Zine, and ArtPrize Journal 2017.

Last fall I launched COSGRRRL, "an alliance of misfits who fight evil by talking about what we love," which publishes a diverse range of fanfiction, humor, essays, reviews, cospoetry, and off-kilter shenanigans that talk about really important things - through sci-fi and fantasy's slant. COSGRRRL has published stories from new and up-and-coming writers across a diverse swathe of political, socioeconomic, and ideological backgrounds, presenting a mosaic of perspectives. Thanks to its writers, it's a badass magazine, with some badass stories, which represent some pretty badass perspectives. 

Peeling the Layers, a podcast "where we have conversations with people who have unique experiences, about things that matter," is my latest launch. I also play a Dungeons and Dragons podcast called Reverse Centaur

The reality is that I have a small universe of creative projects, each of which fulfill a specific (and strategic) purpose.

So I'm giving it to you straight: I do a shitton of creative work, which includes elevating the voices of others who might not otherwise be heard. I get paid little to nothing for it; COSGRRRL, Peeling the Layers, and my writing on Medium I are all completely pro-bono projects right now. Adjunct teaching is fantastic, but doesn't pay much - especially during the long summer semester when I'm not teaching. I can pick up consulting gigs to help fill in the gaps, but the more time I spend on consulting, the less time I can spend on COSGRRRL, podcasting, and writing. 

That's why I'm asking for your help. I need my universe of creative projects to produce enough revenue for me to a) buy the supplies and vendor support I need to properly promote these works, and b) keep my time focused on creative projects.

COSGRRRL is ripe for print publication, and I'm keen to compile issues to sell online and at comic conventions, which will require a large upfront investment for printing, and also to pay writers upfront for their work. I'm also keen to publish my own poetic works into print - which will take some time and a financial investment as well.

If I had the income to work with, I'd love to hire an editor to help COSGRRRL realize its full potential as a captivating, genuinely subversive creative magazine.

So I'm putting my hat out here to you beautiful folks: to help me ensure that my creative work (and the works and voices of those my work brings to light) is valued, nourished, and seen.

My Patreon income goes towards creative tools expenses first (graphic design, social publishing, etc), then towards basic necessities (like childcare and groceries) that aren't covered by my other fluctuating income. Anything above that goes towards growing COSGRRRL and Peeling the Layers - which includes hiring an editor and paying COSGRRRL writers, whether directly or here on Patreon.

Whether you're fans of COSGRRRL, my work on Medium, my local investigative journalism, or my zany podcast, I thank you for *seeing* my work, and its value. <3
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