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For the price of a cup of coffee a month, you get as much appreciation as the patrons with the big bucks, because our appreciation isn't monetized. You'll also get to access the Secret Patreon Place where we'll post anything blog-like because I for one would rather tell my secrets to a mutual appreciation society than to anyone else, really.
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Okay, that's at least a danish. Or a really expensive croissant. And for it you get aforementioned appreciation. With the access the Secret Patreon Place because--now that I think about it: perhaps it will be interesting to watch what happens to that place if it is kind of secret…is it like Facebook? Do you get to comment? I hope so.
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When you think about it, you have some actual monthly bills that probably look like this…bank fees, maybe? Well, we'll also be holding on to some of your money and charging you for it, but what we do with it will be so much more interesting than what the banks do. And if it isn't, please feel free to tell us about it--honestly--in the Secret Patreon Place, because I just realized so much appreciation needs to be balanced with a bit of criticism. Not for you, though. You stay golden.




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A while back, I realised I’m happier working for a “we” than a “me”. Self-promotion makes me anxious. Focussing on other people’s work, or collaborations, or things I want to do for my community, makes me happy. In fact, I am infinitely passionate about spreading enthusiasm and support for innovative live performance across the planet. So I’m building a company. In order to appear less long-winded, I’ll invite you to read the manifesto HERE ou en français ICI

I’m really excited about this. I’ve spoken with poets, and opera singers, and painters (among them, Benjamin Klein, whose luminous work graces our virtual office), and playwrights and clowns and stand up comedians, and greek scholars, and drummers and dancers...from Edinburgh and London and Amsterdam and New York and Vancouver and Whitehorse and Korcula (it’s in Croatia) and Melbourne and Halifax and just around the corner and halfway across town...who I’m already plotting out how I can bring together or exchange audiences with--and I’ve got a long line of new relationships of my own to explore.

Here’s the situation: what I want to do is big. Too big to do alone. In order to find qualified people to help, I need to answer their main question: what’s in it for me? The most direct answer to that question is money. Yes, I want to find other people like me, who are more passionate about the creation of surprising and delightful performance experiences than anything else--even money--and who, like me, would just go ahead and do it anyway, but it’s also important for me to treat people’s time and craft with respect.

Basically, i’m asking you to trust me. To put your faith, and some of your dollars, towards my promise of investing your money in surprising and delightful people and projects. That’s what you’re doing by signing up: because I’m the artistic director of the company, I’ll be making the curatorial decisions; so by donating, you’re saying you’ve got a certain amount of confidence in my artistic sensibilities. Or maybe you just want to humour me, and that’s okay too.

Now what’s to stop me from just using the funds for my own purposes? Again, it’s about trust. I trust my sense of ethics. I know how important fairness is to me. You can ask anyone i’ve worked with as a producer, I’ve always given credit (and cash) where it’s due: if they say otherwise, please ask them to contact me and I’ll fix my mistake.

The Patreon model has us come up with rewards here to entice you to donate, but we both know...if you’re still reading it’s because you understand and support what I'm trying to do with creature/creature. I’ve had the experience of promising a whole slew of labour intensive cumulative rewards on a frighteningly successful crowdfunding campaign and I don’t want to make promises that'll take me a really long time to keep. So for now, you mostly get gratitude, at every level. I really like this Patreon place though, and I plan on figuring out how to use it to build our bond: how to get creative with the artist/patron relationship.

Above all, I want you to know that seriously, your patronage--no matter what tier you choose--means a great deal to me. Not only will it allow us to build the company’s foundations, but it makes me feel like I’m not alone in thinking this wonderful many-headed creature I envision can and will exist for real.

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I'm a big-picture kind of person. If I have to, I can balance a budget, find and apply for a grant, draw up a contract. But it'll take me a really long time and it probably won't be the best in can be. Reaching this goal means I can pay both myself and a devilishly talented Managing Director to devote 25 hours a month at $20 an hour to making the company run smoothly.
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