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is creating Art (mostly of the "Stilt Spirit" persuasion)
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I'll ship you some of my recent sketches as well as a list of songs/books/movies that inspire me. Maybe they'll inspire you too.
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I'll send you a small painting on canvas and a handwritten poem that's probably about nothing.
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I'll send you a copy of a short horror story I wrote based on the Russian Sleep Experiments from the Cold War Era, a small painting, and several photos of my pet chameleon. His name is Pascal.




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About Grace Bocko

My focus is primarily on building fantastic pieces that alter the human form. I create wearable sculptures intended to mask the fact that a person is inside, and perhaps convince my viewers, even for a moment, that such fantastic creatures as I create might exist. A problem for me, though, is cost, as these large projects don't come cheap. With your support, however, I can accomplish anything.
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If I reach my first (woo!) goal, I'll get some of my Creatures together and see what havoc we can wreak on the general public. (kidding! I mean, we'll roam around)
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