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About Jorge Crecis

Experiences might finish in the blink of an eye; nothing changes in the world but something changes in those who undergo the experience. So, in the end, something might have changed after all.

Jorge Crecis' current performance project is ‘9 minutes’. For the past two years Jorge Crecis has been developing an mind-bending exploration of what means to be alive. 

9 episodes of 9 minutes, narrating the last 9 minutes of 9 people's lives... Three episodes of dance, three of theatre and three of circus.

We have already had a successful funding application and Research & Development phase this year, supported by The PlaceNCCARADA and Arts Council England.

While we are making every possible effort to accomplish our financial goals, we ask that if you are at all interested in the work and believe its message, please donate what you can in order to support the ongoing development and performance of "9 minutes". Your donations will initially support the necessary production costs of the upcoming tour, but with extended and continued support, we will be able to begin taking steps to launch a larger tour, potentially with technology included.

Please feel free to follow us on social media, contact us and/or join us as we create, transform and share. 

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We will be reapplying for funding in order to cover the production costs of the fully realised version of Through & Out², technology included. In order to receive funding, it is necessary for us to illustrate that we have additional support of at least 10% of our production budget. With your support, we could reach this target and better our chances at securing funding from ACE
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