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About Creekmore

We are over stimulated. From the moment we wake up, we are bombarded with constant noise. Not only in that which surrounds us but more importantly there is a constant banging around in our minds. "Do this, do that." "Stop this, stop that." The exact moment we are living in is often ignored by the clutter of what could be. It's in the little moments that the subtle nuances of existence paint an exquisite picture far surpassing even our deepest imaginations. 

What I desire is to use the various artistic tools around us to create an experience that draws people, whether in solitude or in community, into the moment. 

Music has always been my sharpest artistic tool but I'm a firm believer that no art says it all. Art is always greater than the sum of its parts. Through music, film, lighting, picture, word, painting, sculpture we attempt to encapsulate the infinite. 

When we create space to come together through art, we are making space to explore the vastness of human existence & the beauty of the moment.

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