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About Cresenttail

Hello my lovelies! 

Hey you made it to my Patreon page, hooray! I'm glad to have you! I've got plans in store so here's a little bit about myself:

You can call me Nekoda or Kody, but I'm using the name Cresenttail for my artsy side, you can even call me Tails if you like. I currently live in the United States. I have no formal training in art other than grade school so most of my style is self-taught using the wonders of the internet. I hope to become a freelance artist and animator in the future, but as of now, I am just a hobbyist. 

A little about my work:
I create most of my own characters when dealing with animation and select comics, but a majority of what I create is fan work that hybrids with other universes. My style is a combination of a variety of different sources because of the internet and I like to play around with various shading, coloring and sketching techniques. 

If you like what you see, some of my designs are up on Redbubble which is a site where artists can put awesome designs on all kinds of things like phone cases, tote bags, mugs, and even duvets! My Redbubble is under the username Cresenttail so go check it out! (

Why I have a Patreon:
With my studies right now I am leaning towards a life of voice acting and writing novels, but I really want to make a career out of my first love--art.  Patreon is an excellent way for people to get to know me and my work and it helps support me to do what I love. To be honest guys, I need food to eat and clothes to wear, but these pledges will exclusively go to updating my tools of the trade and get me some classes to create better content for you. Eventually I'll be making an animated web-series with my art, hopefully as a career, so supporting me is making my dreams come true, plus you get some pretty sweet rewards!

Keep in mind that these are on a by creation basis which means you'll only get charged that month if I manage to post something. Since I'm still in school, posts will be more frequent during winter and summer breaks, while during the school year it'll die down. Know that you can put a monthly max so you don't go over budget in case I spam creations that month!
Faun Status ($1+) gets you access to patron-only content.
Sylph Status ($5+) nets you the ability to suggest to me what to draw or animate next, plus high-quality downloads of my artwork!
Tengu Status ($12+) lets you commission custom artwork from me just for you and high-quality downloads of those commission works! 
Valkyrie Status ($20+) will get you a special bi-annual (twice a year) signed, digital poster and access to a monthly Q&A so you can ask me all my little secrets!
Lamia Status ($30+) will earn you a spot in the credits of my animations plus an exclusive AND personalized, signed poster!!
Ala Status ($50+) awards you with a personalized video message of either my face or an animation (your choice) and you get to have major pull on what I draw/animate next!!
Kitsune Status ($100+) gets you the right to name/create a character in either an upcoming animation or my novel, with an exclusive accreditation to you for coming up with it!!!

Any tier you get will also get all the tiers below it so choose carefully!!
$10 of $250 per creation
I'll start devoting more time to my work and create a special artwork especially for my patrons! This also means I can afford PhotoShop, which means cooler stuff for you guys!!
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