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About Crimebird Cosplay

✧ Hello everybirdy! I'm crimebird and I have been cosplaying and going to conventions since 2001. I compete in masquerades, sometimes judge and host panels, mostly sew all year round! ✧
✧ Cosplay has changed my life in so many positive ways, and my goal is to encourage everyone in the community. Together, we can support each other with encouragement, resource pooling, and collective knowledge. I have degrees in fashion design and have also independently learned a lot through my years of cosplaying. My strengths are in technical sewing technique, hand sewing and embroidery, pattern-making, stretch fabrics, leather, unconventional materials, textile design, bead work, wig-making, makeup, and much more. If you choose to support me, it will be appreciated tremendously! ✧
✧ There is so much I want to share with all of you! ✧

TWITTER: @buckysnowangel
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Purchase new supplies towards bigger costumes. I would like to create more tutorials & behind the scenes for you, take on more ambitious projects, and share everything I learn.
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