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When you join the BEST FRIENDS CLUB you help support us, Lee & Eddie, to make more shows, but you also get access to all the BEST FRIENDS CLUB EPISODES.  The additional epiodes come out fortnightly & they're a podcast celebration of Eddie & Lee's friendship and all the crime fiction things that they love! Also, depending on your tier of support you can get a whole lot of other action as well!

Your support means the world to us, get amongst it today and join the Crime Time BEST FRIENDS CLUB. 

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HOT TIP: When you join the BEST FRIENDS CLUB Patreon will send you an email with an RSS link.  Use this to listen to additional episodes.  Copy the RSS link and past it in the podcast app of your choice!

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You control our book topic for the episode.  Actually, you can pick any topic you want & Lee & Eddie will discuss it!

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