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Welcome to the Criminal Concepts patreon page.
I'm Spencer, some of you know me from youtube and twitter as roosterpuncher. I'm an indie comic writer carving my own path in genre fiction. Hopefully you all enjoy what I'm doing, and this page is here to help the team and I create more for our valued readers. So thanks for stopping by and checking us out. Please consider becoming a patron, and even if you can't we will be free posting frequently, and sharing our page on social media helps too! Plus it's free!

But what is Criminal Concepts?
It's a small collective of independent artists and writers. The brainchild of me, Spencer Desmond, a comic book and cinema fiend. We are mostly just a little indie studio, I've been running it out of my apartment for about 6 years, working on a multitude of genre fiction titles.
We started unofficially about 6 years back when I was in a car accident, it messed my back up pretty bad and made it hard to work for a while. So I used my free time to start collecting all my notes from over the years, and finally take a crack at comics like I always wanted.

The patreon is to boost the already existing output of content. We work at our own pace and have been methodically backlogging pages, and gearing up to pitch a shared super universe this summer.

I collaborate with a large variety of comic artists all over the world. We currently have multiple books in all different stages of development including Cocaine Disco which we are currently pitching to Image Comics. (and we will be giving a glimpse into the pitch process)

Meaning there isn't a set format to what you will see in my patreon feed any given week but it will always be quality work from a multitude of creators.

Comics, scripts, pinup art, development sketches, and more!
Patrons will be allowed to vote on some the stuff we work
on and subjects I draw, potential concepts to develop in the future, etc.

Gain inside access to see my work on

Can't Kill Cade - superpowered revenge romp (Coming to Alterna Comics in Fall 2019)
Voidwalker - cosmic horror antihero (Coming to Alterna Comics in Fall 2019)
Neverender - ultra violent space barbarian quarterly (A love letter to 90s Image)
Cocaine Disco - grindhouse neo noir crime drama
Endless Darkness - lovecraftian horror action adventure battling card game (In Development)
Gruesome Griggs - supernatural spaghetti western (Issue 1 currently being relettered)
Remnants - scifi cyberpunk epic (Slowly plotting will share notes soon!)

I will also be posting new bits including notes, concept sketches, full scripts, and pitch documents and some everyday blog posts.

We will also be doing random giveaways
throughout the year for all sorts of cool loot, including comics and other fun merch!

Thanks to all the fans who have supported me thus far in this crazy adventure, if it weren't for you awesome people none of this would be possible.
Thanks for stopping by and please consider become a patron.
Shares on your preferred social media platform are appreciated!

Can't Kill Cade Elevator Pitch
Memento with superpowers, amnesiac burn victim on a rampage for clarity.

Can't Kill Cade is an ultraviolent revenge romp throwback to the early days of Image without the extra muscles (sorry Liefelders). The story follows an amnesiac burn ward escapee, known only as CADE, suffering from severe memory loss and waking up to a world that wants him dead, but he's not quite sure who he even is. With a new found arsenal at his disposal and a rough idea of who turned him into human hamburger, we set out on a stomach churning adventure about finding yourself in the entrails of your enemies.

Voidwalker Elevator Pitch
John Wick with a Spawn suit, cosmic horror action fantasy.

Voidwalker is a cosmic horror antihero and easily the weirdest thing I've written. The second original series in our shared universe. Parker Ingram has just killed the leader of the "600" but he was set up by his employer and mortally wounded in the shootout. As the light fades Parker slips through existence and into the beyond. A dimension of pure hate and rage, a hell for the blood letters, where men of wrath roam free, transformed by eons of enlightenment in the endless darkness of the beyond. It's there where he found the creature, where he made the deal, and clawed back from beyond and out of the rift.

Cocaine Disco Elevator Pitch
Tarantino inspired grindhouse crime noir miniseries about 1970's Vegas mafia.

Cocaine Disco is a neo-noir crime series set in late 70s Las Vegas that follows an aging mob enforcer and his employer's coke addicted son. At it's heart it's a subversion of the "One Last Job" trope and started out as a criminal retelling of the Odyssey that deviated as I developed it. This is my biggest passion project and is a long running miniseries with a definitive end and conclusion to the narrative.
$4 of $100 per month
- 1 guaranteed page of Can't Kill Cade a month added to the feed(penciled,inked,colored,&lettered)
- Our first giveaway for a pack of comics and loot!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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