Daniel Bervski

is creating CrimsoMania: Zombie Survival Shooter




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About Daniel Bervski

There is only one rule: don't kill civilians. Shoot, crash everything that moves, pick up powerups and coins for upgrading and buying a new stuff!
Simple but addictive shooting game CrimsoMania, in which waves of zombies and monsters try to break through your defensive wall and destroy you. Survive as long as you can and achieve new waves. The zombies and monsters will become stronger depending on waves
- 8 types of weapon available: handgun, micro-rifle, shotgun, minigun, rocket launcher, multi-rockets, nails machine, freezer
- 6 types of defense wall available
- Shoot monsters by holding your finger
- Tap as fast as you can for collecting powerups and coins
- Earn coins, upgrade your Weapon and buy a new ones
- Upgrade your Defensive Wall and buy a new ones
- Use powerful automatic defensive turrets for supporting
- Don't kill civilians - they try to save themselves!