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Why am I making gaming content? (From my Facebook page's story)

Let’s get down to the roots of this shall we? I started gaming when I was.... too young to remember haha. Starting on early consoles such as the classic Gameboy and the N64, I grew a love for video games of all sorts. About 5-6 years ago (from 2018) I started playing more console shooters like COD and my friend Curtis showed me what it meant to be good at shooters the hard way! I started learning how to practice and play games to their fullest potential, pushing the limits until I found new ones; it was amazing seeing this side of gaming. Around the same time I was playing a lot of Minecraft like any other 14-15 year old was at that time. I began recording videos for YouTube and created over 250 videos and even reached thousands of people, a little over 100 of those people subscribed and stayed for the few years I was around. As Minecraft died out and I couldn’t run any high-render games at the time, I tried to squeeze out as much content out of it and other lower render games as I still could without success. I fell into a slump and I stayed there for about 5 years. Recently, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground came out and I took an interest into it as my first PC shooter game ever, and I sucked! My PC could barely run the lowest settings at a very unsteady 5-20 frames per second, but I didn’t care because the game was so interesting to me; especially it being my first shooter on PC. After some ups and downs in the past year, I happened to come by some money at the time working at a McDonald’s and upgraded my PC just over a month from now (May 7, 2018). My game ran SO SMOOTH! It was a whole new experience entirely! I even tried livestreaming for the first time since I livestreamed Minecraft 6 years prior and it ran very well for 720p 60fps. I tweaked some settings, worked out some quick logos and cover art, and all of a sudden I was streaming again! Only this time, battle royals were all the rage and I was loving them!

I have to be honest, my entire life I have been very depressed and have gone down some regrettable and scarring paths. While writing this, I am living back at my parent’s house after a terrifying meltdown I had just weeks ago and I had to move out of my apartment. Let me just say that I didn’t think I would ever make it to the day that I could look at my life and be able to honestly that I am happy with it and who I am, but every day becomes a whole new adventure and I couldn’t be any more grateful for the people who have helped me through such a dark time. Of course my family played a massive role in how my life has progressed in the past month, and I owe a lot to my close friends from home and all the new people I have met through streaming and gaming; and of course to all you beautiful people that drop by my streams to hang out and just have a good time! I don’t really count likes, follows, subs, etc anymore; I’ve come to understand how much a single person can make a difference, and to anyone who has stopped by and told me they enjoyed me and my content, I couldn’t thank you more! I’ve been inspired by those around me to keep on keeping on and to push through any challenges life has for me, because I can finally see how beautiful every new day could be! <3

But why am I on Patreon?

Currently I am living in my parent's basement because I was suffering from mental issues that prevented me from continuing school and work. Since I have moved back I decided I would work towards my 10 year old dream of creating interesting and excited gaming content and forming a strong, friendly community around it. To make sure I don't slack off or slip back into a rut, I have treated this goal as my full-time job, putting 30-60 hours of streaming, editing, and improving the quality of my content in to it per week. Obviously I can't live off of my parents for the rest of my life working towards a goal that doesn't provide me with a living wage; however, with Patreon you can help me continue making gaming content as my life's work! I would NEVER expect anyone to pay money for content that I am creating as a hobby, but if you do enjoy the content I create and would like to see more and if you can afford to pledge small amounts of money to help me make my dream a reality, then I would be forever grateful! I will try to think of ways to express my gratitude towards you by allowing access to features and special events that will bring the community closer and make your pledge worthwhile. Thank you for reading and to everyone who pledges or donates to me through my livestreams because you are making my dream become a reality! And to those who can not pledge or donate for any reason but still hang out as a member of our little community, thank you for bringing your positive attitude and personality to our everyday lives because without you our community would not exist!
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By having a small group of patrons I can then afford to change up the games I livestream from what I already own in my library! Then you can look forward to new content and I won't get as easily bored of the games I already stream, making my content more enjoyable for you!
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