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*Naturally, some character designs may require changes to match the style of the game, including (but not limited to) ferals and "taurs". Colors, clothes, & accessories may also need adjusted.




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About Criobite

Hey, I'm Criobite! I'm a furry artist and game developer with the ideas and the experience necessary to create a fun and polished gameplay experience. More specifically, I'm creating a unique side-scrolling visual novel/dating sim. The focus is on creating believable characters and interactions, and building a world rich with environments to explore and meet new characters in.

The game will be 100% free-to-play, supported by you, the patrons!

It also will be completely SFW, and will be playable as both male & female protagonists, each with many ways to customize them to your liking, and will have their own unique story arcs. Relationships in the game will be straight (m/f), as that is my preference, and I'd personally feel uncomfortable otherwise.

Over time, the game will get many semi-frequent updates to add new characters and locations, as well as general bugfixes and the like. Early WIP builds will be available for all Patrons first, but will made public as soon as they're done!

So if this sounds like your kind of game, let's do this! :D

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