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About Crisanonymous

My name is Cris. I'm an digital artist and speedpainter, and making art to share with others has been my dream for as long as I can remember.
Making art is expensive however, and I am a full-time college student, so sometimes this dream feels out of reach. Your contributions are what allows me to continue making art while paying off those college expenses, and I cannot thank all of you enough.

Becoming a patron will allow you access to works-in-progress, patron exclusive art, and any tutorials that I create. Higher tier patrons can also vote in polls that will determine art I create, and can submit sketch requests once a month. Thank you for your support!
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Kind Boy
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With a one dollar pledge, you gain access to:

- Works in progress

- Sketches

- Patron-exclusive art

- Speedpaints and videos a week early

Big Boy!!
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With a five dollar pledge, you gain access to all the previous rewards, along with:

- Art Tutorials

- An upcoming discord server

- Patron-exclusive livestreams

- Polls that determine my future content

Best Boy!!!!
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With a ten dollar pledge, you gain access to all the previous rewards, along with:

- A sketch request once a month

- A 10% discount on all commissions

- The ability to suggest or vote on a special "thank you" artwork once a month, as well as the ability to see the speedpaint and high-resolution finished piece.

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