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Thank you!  
Crisis Cleanup takes the chaos out of cleaning up for thousands of volunteers like you and for thousands of households for FREE.  Doing this costs us money and there is SOOOO much more that we want to do to make these systems better.  Please help us grow and improve the system.
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So far you have helped us with:

  • 138 Disasters and counting
  • 80,490 Households assisted
  • $525.3 Million dollars worth of services for coordinated for FREE
  • $131.3 Million dollars of wasted effort AVOIDED
  • Much Much More (see full stats here)

We need your help with servers, technical support, development, and adding features to do even more to support the thousands of spontaneous volunteers who drop what they're doing and help those in need.   

What is Crisis Cleanup?  

  • Crisis Cleanup helps relief organizations help more people.
  • Crisis Cleanup is a collaborative disaster work order management platform. It improves coordination, decreases duplication of efforts, enhances efficiency, and improves the volunteer experience. Crisis Cleanup works best when a large number of voluntary organizations with a lot of volunteers, work together to help a large number of people over a wide area, all at the same time.
  • Crisis Cleanup helps with the "4Cs" of disaster recovery: Communication, Coordination, Collaboration, and Cooperation, as well as Competition. Crisis Cleanup does not create the "4Rs" of disaster recovery: Relationships, Resources, Roles, and Responsibilities. It cannot fix relationships, create resources, or dictate who does what.
  • Crisis Cleanup is FREE to the world to use.  It's an open source software which means that anyone can have the code and make it better if they want.  It also takea a lot of time and effort to maintain, support, and update.... thats where you come in....

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Help us reach 500 patrons so we can develop and release a completely new version of Crisis Cleanup! 
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