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About Cristian Vogel

Hi there. Let me introduce myself.

My name is Cristian Vogel. I am an artist who has dedicated his whole life to creating innovative music and sound in the studio. I was part of the first wave of European techno pioneers who innovated the sounds and styles you still hear today everywhere.

It was hard to go against the rock industry model back then. Apart from learning how to organise white labels vinyl pressings or cassette distribution, we also were learning how to repurpose commercial studio technology to invent the music styles young people love today.

To go against the music mainstream, stay independent and keep on innovating is what my whole career has been about. I have had some successes on the way as well as a lot of tough times financially, but overall it has been an amazing journey so far. I've met so many creative individuals and communities and heard so much inspiring music.

Right now, like many others exploring this art form, I want to keep on creating and pushing the boundaries of  music culture and what it can achieve sonically.  My work might help expand listeners's imagination and realities. I wonder where it can all lead to.

I practice my pursuit and create new sounds every day on a tight budget. I wire up my own gear and write my own software. I try to do everything I can to support my work independently and get it out there.  I have plenty more to contribute to the development of contemporary music than I did when I was 25. But I'm going to need some direct support to get through this difficult stretch at the age of 45.

So I am asking for your patronage. As an artist my only goals are to keep on releasing uncompromised forms of sonic expression with a view to opening the imagination of other creative minds ( chain reaction / vibrate higher )

If you think my work has value ( value is not a number ) and want to help keep my output (and outlook)  healthy and high, then please consider supporting my work with a monthly patronage. It will go direct to me* no bullshit and hype industry in the way.  You will get new sounds to hear and use in your own creations from my massive archive and from my current way-beyond-state-of-the-art research.

I am very grateful to you for even reading this, and appreciate it immensely if you decide to contribute to supporting me even if its just the price of a coffee.

Love everyone and tell the truth! Værsgo!



PS. The video features my voice reading a text I wrote about what music means to me as part of the SGR^CAV collaboration in 2013. Many thanks to my collaborators, SØS Gunver Ryberg and Marta Bala

PPS. Portrait photos by Tanya Goehring

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