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About Cristina Geeze


Well... I often describe myself as a prospective renaissance woman (with a definite bias for the arts). Taking on new projects and picking up new skills truly drives me forward. I want to make a career out of dancing, singing, acting, and whatever other kinds of performance I have yet to uncover. I upload a lot of my artistic journeys onto my YouTube channel, Cristina Geeze, so please take a look and subscribe to my wacky little corner of the internet.


My Website


Thank you for visiting my page and for engaging with my silliness. The internet is so vast and I'm lucky that I get to connect and share with friends and family and beyond. At the end of the day, I'm just a regular person who wants to feel like I've done something. I keep pushing myself at every stage of the creating process, every time
 I doubt my content's relevance or quality. And money is cool. Of course, it helps! But creating for the sake of just doing something is so darn amazing when it happens. SO thank you, for tagging along and helping to shape me into a more confident, versatile, and dynamic creator. 

Love ya lots!

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I'm hoping to assemble the Geezers of the world in order to make bigger, better videos !
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